New Evans Ties Are Here!

With every seasonal change, there's an opportunity to reflect and assess where we are and re-engage with our goals for the year. It's not over til is over, we have all heard time and time again! And, it's true! This autumn with the change of weather, we can equally refresh our style and it can simply be achieved by adding new details. 

The Evans ties are the epitome of 'Business meets Style' because the design is simple, subtle and effective. The small pattern consists of art-deco styled diamond shapes paired with spots. With the attention of how the patterns are placed and therefore, has an even amount of background colour shown to qualify it as being a blue or green tie. Although subtle, the pattern placement is a very important element to the design as it allows the pattern to amplify visual interests.

Shaun Gordon Green Evans Ties Fabric Detail

Shaun Gordon Blue Evans Ties Fabric Detail

Both colours lend itself to look pleasing with a white shirt because the white spots will always match. 

Blue Evans tie worn with white shirt

Green Evans tie worn with white shirt

The blue Evans tie can easily be worn with a blue shirt giving you a fresh sharp look. It may surprise that the green Evans ties equally look stylish worn with a pale blue shirt because the green colour started off as apart of the blue colour palette before mixing with yellow.

Blue Evan tie worn with blue shirt

Blue Evan tie worn with blue shirt

The Evan range is the kind of tie selected for the day or occasion when you want to make a distinct difference and go unnoticed at the same time.

Both of these ties are now available in our shop - View Now.