Made To Order Guidelines

Blade Width


The blade width refers to the front end of the tie, which you have the option of selecting different widths as specified within our option box. 8cm width is a modern classic width generally wore by most gentlemen. However a true classic never goes out of style like our 9cm width, which contributes to a fuller knot.

Loop (Tail Keeper)



With Loop

The tail refers to the back end of the tie and placing tail inside of the loop is the formal way a tie can be worn, neatly hidden behind the blade. 


No Loop

Wearing your tie without the loop is considered a relaxed approached because it allow your tie free movement. This option should be considered if this detail will cater for your personal style. 


The tipping refers to the back of blade and tail where a fabric of your choice is sewn in between the border. The following options are: 

Tipping Options for Made To Orders Ties

Thread Options

The bar-tack is sewn by hand, which leads into slip stitching on the back of the tie. This detail can add such flair to your tie from the bar-tack thread colour. 

Your following options are: