Reframing Timeless Style


"...to express
the idea of individuality
above conformity." 

Shaun Gordon Grandfather hand made ties

Shaun’s Grandfather, Alvin Gordon, immigrated to England from Jamaica in 1960 with the dream of making a better life for his family. He was always a sharply dressed individual, and he strongly believed in looking his best at all times as he never knew who he would meet, and ultimately, he wanted to be ready to grasp any opportunity that might arise.

Although Alvin had a modest wardrobe, he managed to look different every day by changing the accessories, his shirts, ties, pocket squares and cuff-links, paired with his precious suits and pristine shoes. Like a framed work of art, the suit became a ‘frame’ allowing the ‘art’ of his details to play the important role of expressing his personality and style.

"The ideal of making a lasting impression influences
Shaun Gordon’s designs to this day, because
dressing well inspires positive emotion and
encourages productive action.
It also gives us an opportunity to 
express ourselves aesthetically".

Our Limited Edition Handmade Ties are a collective items, which has the production number on the branded woven label, to express the idea of individuality above conformity.

Shaun Gordon Handmade Ties Working

How Did the Tie Story Begin?

A spark came when Shaun was trying to buy a tie for a very important occasion. He could not find the right tie anywhere. So, he decided to make his own.  He deconstructed some of his vintage tie collections and drew upon his own style preferences to create a modern pattern, which he turned into a tie for himself.  It took two years of perfecting the craftsmanship of ties before he was satisfied enough to wear them himself. Friends took notice and wanted their own bespoke ties too.

Shaun launched his first range of ties in February 2013, which was inspired by, and is a tribute to, his late Grandfather, Alvin Gordon.  With the concept of creating a collection, where he could continue to refresh his style if he were alive today.

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About the Designer

Shaun Gordon The Tie maker and Designer

Shaun Gordon graduated from London College of Fashion in  2004, where he honed his skills in design, pattern-cutting,  dressmaking and tailoring.  His fascination with turning 2-D formats into 3-D form processes became the focus of his work and his career as a designer expanded from there. He has worked for various well-known brands including Henri Lloyd, Timberland and Turnbull and Asser.  Shaun has also consulted for bespoke products for Knightsbridge tailor Edward Sexton, and his own self-named brand has continued to grow alongside the demand for British-made luxury goods.  Other collaborative projects have been with Glenfiddich Whiskey and Penhaligon's with renowned photographer Garcon Jon (Johnathan Daniel Pryce). 

Shaun Gordon has already been featured in several national media publications, including GQ, Esquire, Vogue, The Rake, Elle, The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, ShortList and his brand has been worn by celebrities, including film stars Daniel Radcliffe and Simon Pegg.  

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