During the past few months we have been working very hard on our new look of our website. Taking all things into consideration to enable a better browser experience for you such as layout, functionality, service and products.

Popular Ties

We felt it was important to let you know which products are popular because our hand made ties are limited edition, which means that the popular ties will most likely be first to go out of stock. Therefore, if you have your eye on a certain tie and it happens to appear in our popular ties section, do not wait too long! Limited edition for us means once the ties or any other products has been sold, it’s gone with (very) little chance of restock. You may be asking, why wouldn’t you restock a popular product? The answer is that most of our ties are made from vintage fabrics or has a limited number of meterage available. This makes your ties exclusive as it will be unlikely for you to see another person wearing the same tie as you, enhancing your style with newness and difference. 

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Made To Order Ties

Nothing beats the feeling of having something made specially for you! This can be easily be achieved by using our Made To Order Service, where you have the options to select how you would like your ties made online. First you begin by browsing through our range of fabrics and select one suited to your preference. Then you are led to the following options of: blade width, tipping, thread colour loop or no loop. If you would like increase your options or any other special requirements, this leads us to our next level of service… Bespoke Ties.

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Bespoke Ties

What makes the Bespoke Ties service special is that you will have a one to one consultation with Shaun Gordon from start to finish and your tie’s pattern will be made for especially you. This means, that together we can create your perfect ties to the finest detail such as  length, width, interlining’s weight (thickness),more options of thread colour, tipping selection and of course fabric, which can be sourced or selected from our stock. 

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We have introduced a gallery #SGFeatures, which is our way of saying Thank you to all our past and new clients over the years and celebrating your style on our website. All you have to do is post a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #SGFeatures and tag @shaungordontiemaker for your photos to be seen by us in order to be shared on our website - Terms and conditions apply. We intend to update this gallery periodically, so watch this space!

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