Turn Heads With The Dizzy Ties.

Turn Heads With The Dizzy Ties.
I love the term, 'more than meets the eye' because sometimes patterns are small and discreet, which creates an interesting design. That's the beauty of the Dizzy ties because the colours change from a distance as you draw closer.  
The reason I called this tie Dizzy was because the collection itself was inspired by Miles Davis album Kind of blue and when I think about Jazz music in general, Dizzy Gillespie comes to mind. When you look closely at the tie’s pattern it is made up of two different coloured rectangles, which rotates. If you imagine being spun around on a funfair ride, for example, we tend to get dizzy.
The Dizzy tie is a very versatile tie to wear because of the elements of blue and white within the pattern on both colourways. 
The blue Dizzy ties colour will look calm, conservative or subtle when worn with a white shirt and the red offers a more distinct appearance because of the wine red colour's contrasting nature. 
Red Dizzy Tie and White Shirt
Equally speaking both of the Dizzy ties colours looks pleasing worn with a blue shirt as the blue within the pattern harmonises with shirt's colour and the white 'lifts' the overall appearance. Leaving you with an air of distinguished panache.
Blue Dizzy Tie and Blue Shirt
Of course, the blue version has a beautiful tonal aesthetic whereas the red colour gives you a ‘contrast’ variation.
Red Dizzy Tie and blue shirt
Now, mixing patterns is where the fun begins! 
Although, I believe dressing well is always fun in whichever sense of style one is drawn to. Both colours work its ‘sartorial magic’ because the tie’s micro pattern size and the shirts medium size stripes create a complete balance of difference or contrast. 
You may wear the blue Dizzy tie, which offers a more tonal aesthetic or the red Dizzy tie for a distinct approach, depending on where your mood leads to.
Explore the inspiration for the Kind Of Classic collection.
Comment below and let me know which colour Dizzy tie is your favourite and why?
Until next time, have a great day!

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