These Pink Ties Suits You!

Have you ever considered wearing a pink tie?

Well, there’s good reasons to!

As completing your attire with a pink tie is as refreshing as autumn’s fresh air.

It's amazing how effective colour can be. Not just for our appearance but also our emotion. As when we feel good within ourselves and our attitudes are revitalised  - we get things done!

Think of pink as a softer version of red. Whereas red would give us a sharp bold contrast, pink offers a light and somewhat agreeable contrast in comparison.

Shaun Gordon Anton Pink Hand Crafted TieShaun Gordon Anton Pink Limited edited Hand Made Tie

The Anton tie is a great example, as it complements dark and light suits alike because of its pastel tones, which offers a refreshing aesthetic.

Not mention, the subtle blue flowers that nod to the dark hues within your assembles.

If we were going for a more conservative approach, which offers less pink within the overall appearance. Then the Will tie would be perfect!

Shaun Gordon Will Pink Exclusive Hand Made TieShaun Gordon Will Pink Limited edited Handcrafted Tie

The equal balance of the pink and navy diamond patterns make the Will tie versatile to wear with light or dark suits with ease. 

Though pink is considered feminine, it should still be considered as apart of your wardrobe repertoire because there is no better way to presents oneself as confident and in tune with his sensitivity.

What are your thoughts on wearing pink? Leave me a comment below.

Until next time - Have a marvellous day!

- SG.

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