Admittedly, when clients started asking if I could make a seven fold tie, I couldn’t help wondering why? 

Shaun Gordon 7 fold ties

My chain of thought was, doesn’t our usual 3 fold ties do the job? I think it was a case of not experiencing what it was like to wear a seven fold tie.

Shaun Gordon 7 Fold Ties

The difference between 3-fold and 7 fold construction is that a 3- fold tie is folded three times and has a wool interlining placed inside, which contribute to its weight, drape and knot. 

Shaun Gordon Seven Fold Neckties

A 7- fold tie on the other hand is folded seven times onto itself and the folds inside creates the 'interlining'.

Seven Fold Neck Tie Pattern Layout

It takes approximately over a one metre of fabric to handcraft a seven fold tie, when a three fold tie takes three quarter of a metre and sometimes less depending on the fabric's pattern.

Shaun Gordon Made To Order 7 Fold Ties

The process takes longer as each fold creates the necktie's shape and this must be meticulously placed, as it will play the role of the interlining, which gives the tie its substance. 

Shaun Gordon Made To Order 7 Fold Ties


Is wearing a 7 fold tie any different to our a 3 fold necktie? Yes!


Shaun Gordon Made To Order 7 Fold Ties

From the experience of wearing both, I like to refer to the 7 fold tie as the purest necktie that can be made or worn for that matter, because the knot and drape comes from the silk’s properties... completely.


Shaun Gordon Made To Order 7 Fold Ties

Therefore the weight and the hand feel will all play a role in how the tie behaves when knotted and drapes. In most cases the drape seem so nonchalant and easy around the neck due to the silks lightness. Around the edge of the blade and tail tends to be smoother and so the tie doesn’t look like a flat strip hanging (providing the tie is steamed and not pressed of course).  Due to the construction everything seems natural and a delight to wear. 

The beauty here for example is, if the material is light then it will become a lightweight tie and behave accordingly. And a heavy material will contribute to the neckties behaviour accordingly too. 

Shaun Gordon Made To Order 7 Fold Ties

I have noticed that some 7 fold ties are folded 7 times on the blade and the tail only. Leaving the rest of the tie to be constructed in a 3-fold tie manner, hence the reason it has wool interlining inside.

Shaun Gordon Made To Order 7 Fold Ties

Shaun Gordon's ties are folded seven times throughout the entire tie, so that you can truly experience the beauty of the fabric's qualities. All our seven-fold ties are finished with double bullion, which add a distinguished touch and further announce hand craftsmanship.

Shaun Gordon Made To Order 7 Fold Ties

If you have any further enquiries on our seven fold ties please contact us here or browse our made to order collection where you can choose the seven fold construction on all our range of fabrics.

- S.G

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