The Most Elegant Approach To Wearing Your Scarf And Keeping Warm.

The term elegance will always echo classical timeless style in my mind. During these cooler climates many tend to resort to a much more casual style when getting ready to head outdoors. Of course, it can also depend on where you are going to, how one chose to dress to go to the super market may differ to say, if we were heading to our office… maybe.

With these thoughts bubbling up in my mind I couldn’t help thinking about the usual well-loved tartan wool scarves, which helps insulate our bodies temperature and shield us from the chilled wind.

Being a tiemaker amongst other things, I've always regarded silk materials as special because of its uplifting regal aesthetic, which rarely fails to radiate formality and beauty simultaneously. Believe it or not, silk alone can and does keep you warm, and is a good option to go if you find wools all too overbearing around your neck. Though, wool and cashmere are much more effective and a popular choice by far.


The Inspiration


Shaun Gordon at Pitti Uomo
Shaun Gordon at Pitti Uomo. Photo: @desgensenphoto for The Rake 

Rummaging through my scarves collection and I found a vintage silk and wool backed scarf (as pictured above) by C&A, circa 1980’s. I have worn it quite a lot during winter seasons and loved the way it made me feel sharp and warm all the same. I felt inspired by the thought of style and function in an elegant form, which can also be worn in a nonchalant manner. Therefore, I created scarves that evoke the same emotion of being well dressed, sharp and all the while being warm.

Notoriously we tend to dress with dimmer colours in cold weathers. Probably due to the dislike of being cold and how less light tends to influence people become moody. However colour in itself does uplift ones mood and style is all about self-expression, why not, wear a bold coloured scarf to cheer yourself up? (and it just might cheer others up too).  


Owen silk wool backed scarf

Speaking of which, this all the reason why I selected this soft yellow tonal floral patterned Dupion silk fabric. Not only will it lift ones mood in a sophisticated flair but the slub texture will give the wearer a distinguished difference to those with keen eyes.

When it came to pairing the wool material, I shied away from the conservative navy blue and went for the alternative soft purple flannel wool to express the whole element of playfulness.


Now, stylish gentleman, you have several options on your look depending on how you wrap the scarf. Which will it be?


Bright sophisticated spirit

 The Tempestuous purple

The playful Flair

Therefore, the combination of the silk and wool scarf achieve much more than meets the eye, combining elegance and warmth with effortless panache. Remember, above all things, have fun with your style – Know the rules and bend them a little to your personality.

Oh, and please do share your opinion(s) in the comment below, it would be nice to hear from you.

- SG

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