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I am pleased to announce that we have a new selection of ties, which is available now! The concept behind these ties was inspired by the streamlined sophisticated look of the men who worked in the city. However, when I visited Canary Wharf for an example, I could not help thinking that everyone looked as though they were wearing uniforms. 

Nowadays ‘fitting in’ can dictate what we wear. Albert Einstein said,

‘Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun’

and what we wear gives us the opportunity to express our personality and what better way of using detail to channel this notion.

Clothes worn with care and panache is the art of self-expression. Why is this important? When we dress well and look good, it makes us feel great, which inspires us to be successful at work or play.

The Distinguished Code collection is about making a stand against conformity by wearing our ties to complement your mood at any given moment. The fabric of each limited edition tie was carefully selected and handmade by Shaun Gordon in London to enliven your style.  

Let’s get creative and start the day (or night) right! Introducing the first instalment of The Distinguished code...

The Aston Paisley Tie

Red is a vivid and powerful colour, which allows you to project confidence within your style. This is easily accomplished when worn with the Aston paisley tie! The charming texture is as a result of the paisley pattern woven intricately on a twill weave construction. Wear this tie to give you a bold sophisticated point of difference.

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The Garrett Floral Printed Tie

Allow your immaculate style to make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression with the Garrett floral printed tie. The rich orange colour will add beautiful contrast and allows the blue floral prints to complement your attire, whether you go for a grey or navy suit. Simply a marvellous way to express your optimistic personality. 

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The Quinn 'Starry Night' Tie

The Quinn 'Starry Night' Tie is an excellent choice of making a subtle shift within your classical repertoire because the tonal blue star pattern and texture creates a new modern professional look. Therefore this is an excellent example of where less is more can be applied!

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Which is your favourite tie and how would you personally style each one of these ties?

Let me know your thoughts on the new range in the comments below.

- SG.

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  • Thanks Daniel. The tonal blues really makes this tie an easy choice to select when you are on the go.

    S.Gordon on
  • Nice read. I particularly like the starry night tie. Has a lot of subtle class to it.

    Daniel Gardner on

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