The Art Of Wearing The William Tie.

There is a way to wear bold patterns ties without seeming like you are trying too hard. Do you know how to achieve this effortlessly? Select the colours that you are already used to wearing. In most cases this may be black, navy or charcoal grey.
The blue William medallion floral tie is best to worn with navy suits, which will pair beautifully with a white shirt.  The great thing to remember about wearing a white shirt is that all colours will work wonderfully, especially if within the pattern it has elements of blue. As it will 'point' back to the main colour worn, which in this case is navy. 
Equally speaking, it doesn’t mean that wearing different colours other than blue cannot be worn effortlessly.  Excellent when worn in harmony with your attire, for an example, note how the pale pink blazer plays a supporting role with the tie's pattern colours. 
The Williams Ties | Shaun Gordon
Contrast is good because it allows you to make a style statement with confidence, knowing that the focal attention is the tie. Menswear has always been about detail and wether we decide to dress it subtly or boldly. The William Medallion ties allows you to do this either way with panache.
After all is said and done and worn with forgetfulness. The most important thing to remember is to feel great and shift our minds in gear to have a productive day! 
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~ SG

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