The key to wearing the Miles tie, is to let the pattern and colour do all the ‘talking’. Due to its bold red colour and zig-zag stripe pattern it has earned the rights to stand out amongst the layers it will be worn with. Here are some ways it can be worn.

The most simple and classic way to wear the Miles tie is with a wool flannel navy suit paired with a white shirt. The red colour will have a beautiful contrast against the white and navy colour. Following the classic style is a marvellous way to create a good first impression, which we all know you only get once!


Wearing colours tonally has come and gone during fashion trends and due to its relatively easy to wear nature, has now become a staple within men’s wardrobe. The best way to build your ‘tonal’ dress sense is to do it gradually and not go out all at once and buy everything off the rack. After all, you want your aesthetic to appear sharp and worn in a relaxed manner. Then you can easily add the bold colour of the Mile tie to give a point of difference. Say it with me, “Contrast colours gentlemen are your friend” (wink).


This one of my favourite style combinations because grey colours has a nature, which likes to support contrast or bold colours, which will make your styling seem effortless.


If you are feeling adventurous or maybe it’s just your sense of style, why not pair the Miles tie to be worn tonally. The mixture of pattern is one way you can begin to experiment and have fun. However make sure when you are mixing patterns that they are not too close together or matching such as spot on spot. As it seems very contrived in appearance. The best way is to use colours and tone as your guide, allowing the patterns to harmonise with each other.

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Have a great day and dressing (very) well - It’s 2018!

- SG.

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