Shaun Gordon's Pitti Uomo 95 Style (Inspiration)

Oh, how time has flown! On 8th -11th January 2019 I had the opportunity to visit Pitti Uomo 95 (Firenze, Florence), which is a menswear tradeshow that buyers, press, industry insider and fans from all over the world go to visit for meetings and inspiration. Although Pitti Uomo caters for all menswear styles from formal to casual, the main focus tends to be towards the flamboyant formal style. Hence the term you may hear of, ‘Pitti Peacocks’.


I would not class myself as a ‘Peacock’ per se, especially when you experience the various levels of style all under one roof… I must say, I am rather subtle (Do comment below if you disagree).


Here are a few of my looks which were captured: 


Florence was bitterly cold in January and therefore an overcoat was a must! I wanted to challenge myself with the choice of colour because I generally wear navy overcoats. For a while, I have been looking at camel overcoats and found a vintage Crombie at 282 in Portobello Market. When my alteration’s tailor lengthens the sleeves, the wear on the cuff’s fold was severe. Steve Bell suggested adding a velvet turn back cuff to match the collar. When I heard this suggestion, I thought it was going to be ‘over the top’ but decided to go with the idea anyway. I was pleasantly surprised with the overall result! The coat suddenly had a new lease of life with this added detail. I chose a classic Prince of Wales suit paired with a white shirt so that the overall aesthetic had a balanced contrast. The green Evans tie created the right level of boldness that helps lift the overall style without being overpowering. As you know, I like to complete my look with a hat and wore a brown Anderson Wheeler fedora, which played a tonal role with the coat.


This attire was inspired by the numerous conversations where people have told me that they are unable to wear a brown suit and feel that it is old fashioned. I believe the brown suit is a wonderful alternative to navy or grey coloured suits. Admittedly I am not wearing a complete brown suit but it does show you how brown may be worn. Especially if you decide to pair it with a blue shirt and tie. The Davis tie worked well because it has subtle flecks of yellow, which adds a hint of contrast in a subtle manner and tends complements brown colours. Although the blue overcoat contrasts with the brown tones, it works well visually because blue is a versatile colour. The black Tom Smarte hat gives a sharp contrast that adds that extra edge.


Due to the cold weather, I think it’s only right we turn our attention to the English country style for inspiration. I love how you can have fun with the country style if you were going for bold coloured corduroy trousers or checked blazers. However, instead I opted for muted colour tones such as the peacock blue herringbone blazer and forest green corduroy trousers. These did not only go perfectly together but were warm under the overcoat. Speaking of which, my vintage Cavalcade herringbone overcoat brightens the outfit with its soft oatmeal brown hue. The William tie’s rich violet colour and bold floral pattern contrasted tastefully with the blazer. Although my style here does not follow the English country style completely from head to toe, at least it shows that we can take elements and create something that expresses our personality and look unique.


What details do you wear to complete your style? Comment below.
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- SG.

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  • Just found your link. Awesome! Have been building my wardrobe the past year getting into the pitti oumo thing. Great article, I learned alot.

    James Barber on

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