Refining Details With Turquoise Ties

Summer has always seemed to give us permission to wear brighter colours for some reason - As if we needed it!

Our style needn't be the case of wearing a white linen suit like Mark Twain although suave! Nevertheless, some of us don't deem it suitable (excuse the pun) to wear these type of suit into the office and I would be the first person to ask why? It’s a conversation best left alone... for now. However, we can use what we have already within our wardrobes and present the details and colours to express our truest sense of style.

Most of us wear blues and navy colours comfortably and therefore, the key then is to wear colours that are within the same colour palette such Turquoise.

Shaun Gordon Perry tie

The Perry tie is one of my personal favourite due it’s simplicity of turquoise base and woven white spots. Sophistication is always simple. However, not only this, the texture gives this tie a ‘grenadine’ look, which makes it effortless to dress up with a formal shirt or dress down with a casual shirt. The spots will match the white shirt, while the beautiful textures and turquoise colour sing their glory!

Shaun Gordon Perry tie details

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The Theodore Medallion tie breaks away from the traditional regimental pattern layout and appears to be falling down into the oblivion. If you look closer, you’ll see pink spots, which add that special edge. This tie is meant to be worn with conviction because the bold colour combinations allow the wearer to fully express his sartorial appreciation for colour and detail. Mind you, the navy medallion patterns and turquoise base are within the blue colour palette, which will harmonise your blue suit with ease.

Shaun Gordon Theodore Turquoise tie

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Shaun Gordon Ivan Stripe Tie

The Ivan stripe tie, which consists of navy, gold and turquoise. This gives you the choice of wearing it in several ways such as with a white or blue shirt. The versatility of this tie allows you to wear it with your navy suit because the navy in the stripe will always match and allow the gold and turquoise stripe to present a refreshing difference. Therefore it is easy to wear and enjoy the rest of your day.

Shaun Gordon Ivan Stripe Tie

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Shaun Gordon Montague Floral Tie

The Montague floral tie is a great alternative to your small flower patterned ties because the design’s scale is large so that you can just about see that it is leaves and flowers. Although the pattern is exotic it has less turquoise colour and can be worn easily with a navy suit in a conservative manner. Let’s call it conservative styling with personality.

Shaun Gordon Montague Floral Tie

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To conclude, turquoise colour is the perfect option to go for and refresh your style without leaving the blue colour palette, which means you can wear your tie with confidence without having to worry about if this colour goes with your outfit.

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What are your thoughts on the Turquoise colour?

Comment below as we would love to hear your views.

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