Reframing Timeless New Collection Showcase

The Reframing Timeless New Collection has finally arrived and is available to purchase here

The showcase took place at Dashing Tweeds on 2nd October 19, where our guests enjoyed mingling with one another and were the first to view the new collection. 

Shaun Gordon engaged with guests and delved into the concept of Reframing Timeless. In addition to this, Shaun demonstrated how to do the Eldridge knot and the English Rose pocket square fold.

Reframing Timeless Inspiration

My Grandfather, Alvin Gordon, immigrated to England from Jamaica in 1960 with the dream of making a better life for his family. He was always a sharply dressed individual, and he strongly believed in looking his best at all times as he never knew who he would meet, and ultimately, he wanted to be ready to grasp any opportunity that might arise. It is this ideal, of always being prepared, that continues to influence my designs to this day.
Although Alvin had a modest wardrobe, he managed to look different every day by changing the accessories, his shirts, ties, pocket squares and cuff-links, he matched with his precious suits and pristine shoes. The suit became a ‘frame’ allowing the details of his other pieces to play the important role of uplifting his mood and expressing his personality or style.
In my latest collection ‘Reframing Timeless’, I continue to explore how the selection of a singular item can influence our entire appearance and even our mood, allowing us to explore and express our unique personalities. In a world of mass production, I wanted to champion the craftsmanship of a bygone era by creating handmade pieces in small numbers in order to express the idea of individuality above conformity.
The new collection brings ties, which has renewed classical patterns through the exploration of textures and unique optimistic colours such as turquoise, pink and burgundy. Additionally, we are excited to introduce our hand-rolled pocket squares using fabrics that were sourced in the UK and were crafted with the idea of complementing the collective ties. However, the classical patterns and colours make it a clear contender to be worn in its own rights.
Each item was designed and handcrafted so that you can continue to refresh your current wardrobe, with the purpose of these collective pieces accompanying you as your timeless style unfolds.


Thank you to everyone who attended the event and special thanks to Dashing Tweeds for accommodating us.

Photo Credit: @TheExiledBrit


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  • Love your Grandfather’s thoughts in always dressing well!

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