Own Complete Exclusivity With Our Monograms

There are a few things, which competes with wearing a work of art. Furthermore, there’s nothing in the world that beats the feeling of wearing a necktie handcrafted especially for you, as it is made to complement your personality. The addition of our hand monogram using only the finest silk threads, goes that one step further and gives the personal seal of approval that connects with the undeniable fact that this tie was made for you.

Monogramming is a definitive touch of exclusivity and sentiment, which starts with your initials. The colours selected whether tonal or contrasted will complement your conservative or adventurous approach to dress. This includes your decision of the monogram’s placement, whether the position of the letters is placed in a discreet or visible area of the tie. 

Shaun Gordon Bespoke Silk Neckties With Hand Monograms

Whichever decision you come to, one thing for sure, it will certainly create a personalised distinctive detail, which is the hallmark of genuine style that expresses your unique individuality.

Make It Personal. 

Let’s create yours today with our Made To Order | Bespoke Services here.

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