In the likes of current events, never before have we become even more aware of our well being, our inner sense of true appreciation and what it means to us.

One of the ways we can lift our mood and put a spring back in our steps is dressing well, which can be achieved effortlessly by having fun and creatively using colours and patterns. It's certainly worth a smile first thing in the morning (or whenever) whether you are braving the outdoors to work, leisurely walks or your regular zoom meetings. The saying goes, "the devil is in the details" and without further ado, let's explore a few styling inspirations.

Oh, and lest I forget happy new year! 

Black Sophistication


Wearing black doesn't always mean it can only be worn with white. A dash of blue and a playful three pattern combination will certainly hone a sharp distinctive look. Note how the stripe on the shirt and suit are different widths, allowing the white colour within the stripes to harmonise. As you may know, if you try to match everything you will appear contrived or trying too hard The Morris silk Prince of Wales check necktie literally 'ties' the outfit together. Even to the point, of the subtle blue running through the check! The white ground on the weave allows the tie to beautifully contrast.


Grey Delights


I have never understood how some people can term the grey colour as boring, which could not be more further from the truth as the distance between the Earth and the Sun! Wearing a grey suit provides a wonderful base to wear bright and bold colours within the details of your attire. Especially when you opt for the pastel colour such as the Manson pink silk floral tie. The tonal floral pattern adds even more aesthetic interest because of the sharp contrast within the jacket and predominant paisley pattern on the Louis pocket square. The key thing to note here, is how the burgundy colours on the trousers and pocket square anchors the pink necktie as they in the same colour family.


Art of Blue


The blue has always been one of my personal favourites colours because of it's versatile qualities, which allows us to have even more fun when styling. For example, the Scott royal blue checked silk tie contrast agreeably with the pink striped shirt and grey trousers and allowing the navy jacket to perfectly frame these details as though it was art.


Tone & Pop


A more casual approach means wearing clothes, which has texture and softer structure. The wool jacket, washed chambray shirt, flannel trousers and Fabian floral pocket square has different blue colour levels, which gives a very interesting aesthetic. Everything we see in the world has tone and therefore, styling in this manner is never out of place. Here's where the fun seriously begins, adding that dash of 'pop' yellow colour from the Crisanto floral tie that lifts the overall appearance. Another interesting note to mention is how the tonal floral pattern complements the various textures because it is apart of how the 'textured family' works.

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