Welcome to the new collection of limited edition handmade ties. The inspiration itself is very much drawn from current circumstance. I believe that you can find inspiration anywhere and I never forget being taught as a fashion student to stretch your creativity beyond what is seen and involve your emotions and thoughts.

At the beginning of 2020, most of us were celebrating our version of the roaring twenties! Only to be confronted with what seemed unthinkable.

On a positive note, it has given us time to think. To delve into ourselves deeply and

Appreciate The Small Things,

which uplifts our mood despite external factors. This collection of limited edition ties was handcrafted to put back the joy into dressing well and express optimism, revisiting all those things we may have taken for granted



A traditional wet shave

Shaun Gordon New Handmade Premium Ties

Left: Scott tonal blue checkered silk tie. Right: Riley blue and navy stripe silk tie


Getting (well) dressed

Shaun Gordon New Handmade Designer Ties

Felix purple flower and spot silk tie.


First cup of coffee

Shaun Gordon New Handmade Premium Neckties

Archie red neat pattern silk tie


Last minute style changes

Shaun Gordon New Handcrafted Premium Ties

Ellis navy & white fancy stripes silk tie


A good game of chess

Shaun Gordon New Handcrafted Designer Ties

Left: Manson tonal pink floral silk tie. Right: Scott tonal blue checkered silk tie


Taking up a new hobby

Shaun Gordon New Handmade Premium Yellow Ties

Cristano yellow floral silk tie



Shaun Gordon New Handmade Premium Spots Ties

Dorian blue spots silk tie


Leisure time

Shaun Gordon New Handmade Premium Prince Of Wales Check Tie

Morris black, white & blue Prince of Wales check silk tie


Stop every once in a while to smell the flowers. 

Shaun Gordon New Handmade Premium Designer Ties

Riley navy and blue stripe silk tie




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