In the recent years I had clients approached me asking for their own unique tie, where they would select their fabric and specify the quantity needed. I am more than happy to do this since it become very personal for the wearer or person who is giving the gift. This brings me great satisfaction knowing that I am crafting a tie, which becomes a story in its own right because of the wearer’s reasonings on a particular style.
I introduced the Made To Order Service to make the tie-making selection process, a touch more accessible online with the ease of use. This is where you are given the options of different fabrics within our stock, two different blade widths, tipping fabrications and thread colours. These ties are made from our standard patterns of two different blade widths.
Having involvement with the craftsmanship of your tie creates a special sentimental value.
These values increases when we step into the realms of our bespoke service where we meet one to one and discuss the many possibilities of making your tie from start to finish. This experience is much more fluid process. You will also have many more options available to you such as selecting the appropriate interlining weight or thickness, blade width of your exact requirement, the length of the tie, more thread colours to choose from and of course, viewing our fabric swatches or bringing your own to review.
Once this is discussed and finalised, we will create your own pattern, which is unique to your order and specification. Therefore if you should re-order with us, your style will be on file for remaking in a new cloth.
Each ties are handmade by Shaun Gordon himself.

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