This Tie Will Have You Looking Spot On!

I am convinced that the majority of men who wears handcrafted ties will own a spotted tie and if you are looking for a spotted necktie with a difference, well then, look no further!

Clement blue spots handcrafted silk neckties

The Clement handmade tie offers you a mix of white and yellow spots on your favourite navy ground colour, which will complement your navy suit. Notice how the white spot pairs nicely with the Swan pocket square


Clement blue spots handmade tie grey suit style

And when you are feeling in the mood you can opt for a natty sense of style by simply wearing it with a grey prince of wales check. The reason this tie works so well is that the white spots undeniably matches the white shirt and allows the yellow spot to create that touch of difference. Please note, the Fabian pocket square complements the tie's yellow spots as an accent.

Clement spots blue handmade silk tie

But that's not all, looking closer at the silk material in between the spots you will see tonal ripples, which resemble the movement of the sea. There's nothing like a detail that makes you look twice! Such details can cause great effect and this is certainly a tie to be worn when you want to keep it simple and distinguished.

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