Light Hearted Details - What These Ties say About You!

I’ve spoken to many people who do not favour novelty ties and I can appreciate why. You obviously want to be taken seriously in board meetings or generally when you are out and about. Over time novelty ties has been given a bad rap as it is associated with unsophisticated styling. 
However, this does not have to be the case where you are concerned!
There’s something about these ties, which really hone in your personality and could prove to be a great conversation starter. It is a matter of perception and it all lies within the detail and meaning of each tie.
Although, I am a fan of subtlety and believe that in most cases it is the route to sophistication, every now and then a little pattern of statement can work wonders! Like a beginning of a conversation, prompted by a sense of mystery in an attempt to unravel a precious gift of meaning.
The Ernest tie was born when I found this luxurious green fabric with the crows holding golf club, I simply loved the sense of humour but going beyond this, I am also fascinated with the intellect of the birds themselves! Did you know that they can recognise and remember your face? Also, they are able to take things like sticks which we take for granted and use them as tools to fetch for food for an example. I’ve even seen a crow in Mount Street Garden simply playing with a stone hitting it with a stick in its beak.. which seems to me for utter amusement. 
The idea around the Ernest tie was behind the humour was a very highly intelligent symbol (crow), which easily represent many people today! How many people do you know who are funny and intelligent? There’s more than meets the eye than simply a lover of golf! Find out more.
The first things which caught my eye on this fabric of the Mad hatter tie was the intricate detailing of each hats and tonal background. The ‘fun’ element of this tie is not the fact that it has loads of hats falling downwards. However the style of the weaved suggests that it was inspired by when all men wore hats as a matter of everyday fashion or way of life during the early 20th century (oh, the feeling of being born in the wrong era sometimes)! 
In summary, Top hats and bowler hats were worn (generally) by bankers or people who held high positions in the city. What better way to hint that you work in the city with a tie that speaks to these historical facts, ever so subtly and could easily go missed! One would see the top hats and immediately think of the Royal Ascots attire alone but not you sir!  Let's hope that no one decides to snub you for you intelligent choice of your Mad Hatter tie, which is full of meaning and relevance for the man who works in the city! 
When I unravelled this fabric on the roll and saw the beauty of the weave detailing of each famous London landmark’s. I personally don't know of many who have London as their surname but knew from the very start it would be called Mr. London.
Can you guess what e ach famous London landmark’s are? If not, view the answer at the end of the blog.
And not to mention the sophisticated colour combination of burgundy, yellow and black, which is great if you want a tie that has contrast qualities without being too bold! Mr.London tie is a must for anyone who loves this beautiful city, London which is rich with history and cultural diversity. Find out more.
Thank you for reading and please share in the comments below, which of these ties would you most likely wear and why? And if you would not wear any of these ties -  Share this too, on one condition that you (kindly) tell me why?
Love hearing your views!
Have a Great Day  - SG.
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London Landmarks Answers:
London Landmarks Of Mr. London Tie by Shaun Gordon

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