Inspiration Behind The New Arrivals

New Arrivals:

The Easy-Formal Collection

Before creating the new collection of ties I was reflecting on the past events of this year (2021) and so much has happened, which translates into the way we dress. For example, those of us working remotely from home, may be less inclined to wear a suit and a tie. However as things started opening up again we experience going out (with caution of course) and now there's no excuse for loungewear bottoms and shirt and tie at the top for your regular zoom meetings (you know who you are, haha!)


Like with everything there's a process involved and these things take time. Such as getting back into the routine of wearing your beautiful navy mohair or flannel wool suit with a crisp white shirt and necktie.


I wanted to select materials and handcraft them for the purpose of the wearer's ease.  A selection of neckties created, which you'll be able to choose blindly in the morning (or evening) and confidently know that it will pair immaculately with your outfit without any further thoughts. The various of patterns and colours are selected on the premises to promote your unique personalities and individual styles, which ranges from modern classics to dandy.


Afterall, a tie should be the easiest thing to wear and for some of us the last thing we put on to seal the deal of effortless panache.  

Explore the rest of the new arrivals here.

Let me know in the comments below which tie was your favourite. 

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