How To Wear Your Tie In A Casual Way & Look Smart.

During the IGTV live session with cut for him a great question was posed “Can a tie be worn casually?”

You can watch our chat in full here.

While on a whole if you are wearing a formal shirt and silk tie and attempt the loosen knot look, you could appear untidy and not stylish.  However, there are a few ways of wearing a tie in a casual manner. The trick is that it is not down to the tie alone but how it is styled.

The necktie as we know it is a versatile neckwear, which has survived centuries though it was birthed from a place of uniformity and ever since then, has evolved to men’s values, taste and various fashion trends. Even though there’s been a decline in wearing the neckties, especially during the pandemic, which forced people to working from home, this humble accessory has now evolved to a level where it is a matter of choice to be worn. The free will to present one’s self value, mood and style by deciding to wear a tie and not because it is a uniform or peer pressure. A matter of fact, the peer pressure is different as most employees are encouraged to dress casually. This could open up a can of worms for some of us as we may not know how far down the rabbit hole should we go… such as wearing shorts, t-shirt and sandals or trainers to work? Well, I am assuming that this is the industry’s discretion with whom one works.

Let’s see how we may strike a balance without seeming too formal or casual but yet presentable and stylish. Here are some ideas:

Wear shirts that have soft collars such as your buttoned down collars. This automatic soften your formal exterior and can be worn with a tie, cravat and (dare I mention this) without a neckwear. 

Wear your shirt with your sleeve rolled up, which will give you a casual aesthetic. For a more dressed up look pair with a waistcoat. 

Choose to wear different material ties other than silk like linen, wool or cotton and don’t forget textured materials like grenadine. 

Apply the ‘army tuck’ instead of a tie bar that will allow your look to be nonchalant.


Unbutton the top button of your shirt and loosen the noose. Note how this is applied to a soft collar. 

What are your thoughts? Comment below.

Until next time, stay safe.

- SG

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