How To Do The Eldredge Knot

I will never forget the day I stumbled on this knot style when I bumped in a kind man in Mayfair and asked him in passing, which knot he was wearing as it had a decorative aesthetic. He said ‘Oh this? It’s the Eldredge knot’, and went on his way. Judging from his attire, it did seem as though he was on his way to a celebratory event, a wedding perhaps.

After a bit of research, I learnt how to do it myself. I found out that it was inspired by the Merovingian knot and created by Jeffrey Eldredge, who was bored of wearing the four in hand knot to work. Admittedly, I would wear this knot (very) sparingly and reserve it for special occasions… doesn’t being alive qualify!? Since it’s a fancy knot, my first port of call, would be to wear it with a solid coloured shirt, suit and allow the tie to take the centre stage in the spotlight (although in the video, I was being a bit experimental with the striped shirt and pastel pink tie).

It took a little practise to get right, which once you know the knot’s mechanical theory, it should be a breeze to do. A word of advice if I may, don’t apply this knot when you are in a rush.


So let’s begin with how to do this step by step…

How to do the Eldredge knot by Shaun Gordon
  1. If you generally knot your tie with the blade on your right side then swap the tie around so that the tail is draping flat on your right side instead.
  2. Cross the tail over the blade to your left.
  3. Wrap the tail around the blade.
  4. Take the tail up and over through the noose from the front.
  5. Wrap the tail over the foundation you have just created and pull it under and through the noose.
  6. Bring the tail over and across the knot.
  7. Wrap the tail under and over the blade.
  8. Pull the tail through the loop and gently fasten.
  9. Now bring the tail over and under the noose.
  10. Wrap the tail over the knot and under the right side of the noose.
  11. Pull the tail through the loop created and gently fasten.
  12. Place the tail tidily under the noose or neck so that when you pull your collar down it is unexposed.
  13. Your exquisite elegant Eldredge knot is completed.



Did you give this knot a try? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Would be happy to hear from you.


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