Green Is The New Blue - An Alternative To Wearing Your Beloved Blue Tie.

We all have our favourite ‘go-to’ tie and sometimes we just want to give that particular (blue) tie a very well-deserved break!

Green-Shaun-Gordon-Silk- Handmade-Tie-with-Blue-suit

A great alternative to our favourite blue tie would be to wear a colour that is a distant relative such as purple; as it is mixed with blue and red or green as it is mixed with blue and yellow and the great thing about these colours are, they look fantastic with your versatile blue suits.


Primarily looking at the green colour, it blends easily with different tones of blues and works wonder with grey suit too.


Wearing various tones of the same colour always look sophisticated and well considered, with this in mind the same principle can be used for a casual approach.

Which look was your favourite? Comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

- SG.

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