Finishing Touches With The Quinton Paisley Ties

If you have a soft spot for paisley ties, then you are in luck because we have a selection that can keep your desire fulfilled. Such as our Arthur and Sebastian ties to name a few. But today we would like to bring your attention to the Quinton Paisley Tie.

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The Quinton tie is from our latest collection: Reframing Timeless.

Shaun Gordon Quinton Paisley British handmade Limited Edition Tie

Wearing dark suits is a safe option for most men for occupational purposes and therefore, allows us to channel our individuality through styling the details. 

The deep burgundy colour of the tie complements navy or dark colours in a sense of contrast. Allowing the blue and yellow to boldly display the exotic pattern’s detail.

Shaun Gordon Quinton Paisley British handmade Limited Edition Tie

The blue colour within the paisley pairs tonally well with a navy suit and while the yellow gives us the contrast value. Equally speaking, the Quinton tie has a way of settling in with lighter hue such as grey.

Versatility is the cornerstone of refreshing your style on a daily basis, which the Quinton tie fully possesses.

Take A Closer Look At Our Quinton Tie

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Do you wear paisley ties? If not, why? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

- SG  

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  • Fabulous look for the gentlemen. I think more women should wear your glorious ties!

    Nicola Hawes on

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