Father Day Gifts (For The Stylish Dad).

You don't lose your style consciousness when you become a father. The experience refines it, becomes more functional and definitive.

Being a father myself has caused me to really relish the times when I can get dressed for the complete aesthetic satisfaction. Not to say that I do not now because I do with absolute pride and joy. Especially when you can do so without thoughts of a toddler’s soiled hand being placed on your cream linen trousers for example...

For the father who is a man of detail. Dressing well in our handmade neckties will complement his distinguished style and express his individuality. We believe that genuine style lies within the details. Its where most of us gentleman can really express the unique twist of our personality. Whether it is wearing a tie, pocket square and much more. 

There's nothing better than wearing a gift that can be worn, which leads to sentimental thoughts of their child. 

Let's explore a few gifting ideas

The subtle touch...


Sometimes the expression of appreciation is not always 'loud' but subtle, small, rare and unique. This Peter mother of pearl vintage tie clip will add a luxurious personal touch to one's tie.

Pocket of Expression

To strike a difference all it takes is to simply add a light soft silk pocket square folded into an English rose fold (or any fold of preference). Take a closer look at Ambrose pocket square.

A Special One Of One, For A One of A Kind...

Our dads are one of a kind individuals, which no one can truly take the place of and holds a special place in our hearts. This particular tie was handcrafted by Shaun Gordon on Instagram Live where the viewer helped him select the tipping material and thread colour over tender jazz music and conversation. View it here.

Grey is a versatile colour and the classical spots make this tie even easier to wear. This is possibly an instant 'go-to' classic in any man wardrobe. This is a true exclusive for any deserving man, take a closer look here. 

We hope these ideas have inspired you and more can be viewed here. 

Whilst we will do our utmost best to deliver your father day gift on time. Please note the deadline for ordering is 18th June 2020. If you are ordering from abroad please allow for more time.

If you would like us to leave a handwritten personal note within your gift, at check out leave us a note or email us: info@shaungordon.co.uk and we will arrange this for you.

And lastly, Happy Father Day to you all and wishing you a splendid day with your families.

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