Bow Ties Style Inspiration (Black Tie Events)

Formal black ties events are one of my favourites to attend. There’s so much sartorial fun to explore! Where we can mix different textures and patterns.
We have recently introduced bowtie and pocket square sets to help you perfect your black tie's attire for your upcoming celebratory occasion.
Here’s are a few ideas of what you could wear...
The Classical Approach...
Bow Tie Style Inspiration by Shaun Gordon 
The satin silk bowtie is classically worn to match the
satin lapel. However, you could opt for a shawl lapel
instead of going for a classic notch lapel, which is
simplicity and sophistication at its best.
The Alternative Classical Approach...
Bow Tie Style Inspiration by Shaun Gordon
If you fancy something that displays texture with less
sheen and is still sharp as a razor, then your second
option would be the grosgrain bow tie. Traditionally the
grosgrain bowtie is worn to match the jackets lapel's
however, this bowtie would pair nicely with your
smoking jacket or classical tux suit.
A Floral Affair...
Bow Tie Style Inspiration by Shaun Gordon
Show up for the occasion with this charming bow tie
as the pattern adorn your attire with an element of
sophistication and wits. T
he white floral pattern pairs
effortlessly with your shirt and Swan pocket square,
the subtle sheen against the intricate texture will give
you a distinctive flair. This bow tie will go with most
satin lapel jackets.
A Soft Touch...
Bow Tie Style Inspiration by Shaun Gordon
A velvet bow tie is soft to touch and has a sophisticated
appeal. Depending on how the light set upon the material,
will reveal it's lustre brushed texture. This would be a
complementary piece to pair with your silk or velvet
smoking jacket.
Ready for Action...
Bow Tie Style Inspiration by Shaun Gordon
Silently slip through the evening and observe the
celebratory atmosphere, whilst enjoying your favourite
whisky or beverage of your choice. 
This classical bow 
tie will give you the aura of 
'devil may care' with a
difference. The white pin spots make it easy to wear
with conservative panache. 
Did I hear you say that you can't tie a bow tie?
Looking well presented is always key and most importantly do enjoy the presence of your companions and drink responsibly (whatever that means - ‘wink’).
Your comments are always appreciated.
Thanks for reading.
- SG


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