Make An Impression With The Beaumont tie

During one cool afternoon as I make my way to a meeting, I felt inspired to walk through Hyde Park to clear my mind on a few things. It's amazing how nature and the change of scenery can have this effect on our well being. I am also a firm believer that what you choose to wear can also affect your feelings too.

I knew it was going to be cold, so my thought process was 'what coat am I going to wear?' I felt inspired by the whole connotation of the country look per se but didn't want to approach the country attire from head to toe in tweed and corduroy.

Shaun Gordon Handmade Floral blue necktie tie

Therefore I allowed the colours in mind to do the talking, such as tones of browns and let the blue work wonders of contrast. 

I opted for the Beaumont tie because I liked the way the golden yellow on the pattern acts as an accent with the camel coat and the brown flannel wool DB blazer. The purple, golden yellow and light mint green harmoniously works with the navy background and has an overall elegant exotic appearance.

Shaun Gordon Handmade Floral blue necktie tie

As you look closer you will find that each floral design has a textural pattern, which adds to the fascination of this tie. I love things which at first glance, makes you squint to take another look! And this floral tie does exactly this.

On any other given day, I may have worn this tie with my navy suit or jacket because the beautiful thing about the Beaumont tie is how the exotic pattern complements your navy suit and still makes a striking an impression without being overly obstructive.

If you like to dress simply, then this tie will make all the difference, expressing a sense of playfulness in an elegant manner (of course).
Especially if you favour wearing your jacket without a pocket square.

Shaun Gordon blue floral handmade silk tie

It’s no denying that I am inspired by the way Prince Charles or Prince Michael of Kent wear their grey suits! Well, speaking of which, the Beaumont tie even works with a grey jacket or suit too and having the same effect as “ striking an impression without being overly obstructive”, which makes it a timeless versatile necktie that can be enjoyed at a moment’s notice.


How would you have worn the Beaumont tie?

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Hyde Park (image 1&2)  -  The Exiled Brit
Image 6 (last one) - RKZ

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