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Before we delve into a few style inspirations, I would like to share with you the inspiration behind handcrafting the new arrivals - A Moment In Time.

The past three months or so, our lives have been dramatically changed with the pandemic. Some were furloughed and others were working from home remotely. While some of us were going mad being around family members (Children!) twenty four - seven! Although the lockdown has been softened (in the UK for now…) there’s still a lot more cautions that each and everyone must take in order to keep each other safe and not incite another spike in the coronavirus. For example, I wash my hands and use hand sanitiser once an hour when I handcraft neckties.

As I cast my mind back during these periods, it meant having to use my creativity in a different way such as ‘How am I going to keep my super energetic three years old son entertained today!?’. And this thought popped up every night before going sleep and the first thing in the morning! One of the activities I found rewarding was going to the park and letting him run wild, climb the frames, pretend to be a dinosaur and other fun antics. 

In the midst all of this, it reminded me of a story in The Alchemist book by Paulo Cohello, to paraphrase, a King tells a story about a boy who was given a spoon filled with oil and was told to look around his palace without spilling it. The boy had to learn to balance the oil while enjoying the luxuries, in which he fails.  With the adage being that ‘balance’ is the proper approach to living a wholesome lifestyle. It somehow reminded me of another saying, ‘don’t forget to stop every once in a while, and smell the roses’. A simple theory to grasp, yet tough to follow through. So I was enjoying the great outdoors and being out of breath chasing my child, we stopped to have a little picnic by the flower beds. As we were eating our fruits and sandwiches, I marvelled at the various colours selected by nature and the petals detailing and unique texture with bumble bees buzzing among them.    

I felt inspired by how the necktie itself though a deceptively simple item in the man’s wardrobe can work the same magic as nature.  Whether worn intentionally with contrast and allowing the tie to brightly shine or tonally, like the subtle colour variation within the petals. Therefore, that late afternoon I browsed through my fabrics and collected all the ones I thought reminded me of the same feeling I had. I did not focus on colours and details of the materials alone. But how they may be styled, whether working remotely, hosting a Zoom meeting, heading into town for a hearing or… simply, dressing well because it feels right and makes you feel good. 

Explore the New Arrivals.  

Be Inspired by these style ideas

Though I am aware that most men wear wool in cooler climates, the Allen tartan tie was added into the mix because the colours of green, white, blue and navy seemed as though it was drawn from nature itself.  The soft texture and subtle linear weave construction bring to memory of how the petals were made in similar ways though one is more organic and the other structured. I know it’s a pretty abstract way of thinking, however these colour combinations strike a dynamic styling if you were wearing various coloured items.


Blue is one of my personal favourite colours to wear and the Lance linen tie blue colour make me think of the vivid blue cloudless sky when we sat in the park. Every now and then, wearing a solid coloured necktie may be the best option, whether you are attending a job interview, don't want to be too 'showy' or it's just simply your style for the moment (or always) but what exciting about this tie is the subtle texture that will give your overall appearance a subtle but distinguished touch. Especially, if you opt for wearing a complete tonal outfit.


Speaking of which, Thorn's tie texture is much more predominant and believe it or not, made from silk.

The nature of this tie echoes the style of a grenadine necktie, which tends to be worn in a relaxed sartorial manner. This is a good alternative option if you favour a matte finish in comparison to natural grenadine’s sheen. The construction of the weave uses a combination of black and red colours, which give us a rich deep red appearance overall. Although it is a bold colour to be worn, the tone of the colour sits pleasantly with the likes of navy and even grey suits. You could even opt for more adventurous tones of blues and allow the bold red to take centre stage.


The Dillian tie was made using the last remnant of fabric, acquired from a vintage shop. I could just imagine when it was new how vivid the printed diamond pattern might have been. On closer inspection, the yellow and red reminded me of a particular flower I saw (sorry, I do not know the name as I am not a florist - smile). The navy blue ground colour makes this necktie easily accessible to wear. One thing I did note, as although the pattern may seem bold, it is not overbearing, taking over the entire outfit. Almost like a Jazz band with the lead singer and how they all harmonise as one, though you may focus on the voice. Pairing this tie with a wide striped shirt gives us a wonderful natty appearance, which is very refreshing to see.


Admittedly, I didn't see any orange flowers. Well, maybe they were there and I didn't notice them. The Henry tie was a fabric I had for some time with various made to orders being crafted from it. Seeing that I had the last remnant of material left and how the royal blue flowers, yellow dots and orange ground colour, expressed the mood I was inspired by - The way the vibrance of the different colour looked in certain flower beds.  


I thought it was rather special to handcraft a one of one limited edition from the cloth. A little bit like doing something for old times sake.

I suppose wearing orange with tones of green is a bold style statement and most certainly, an inspirational take on celebrating colours. Worn with utter confidence, which states a lack of regards to what others think and are happy to go beyond the scopes of white shirts and navy suit.


It would not suffice if we did not have at least one true floral tie as looking at flowers was the starting point of creating the ‘A Moment In Time’ New Arrivals. When I first saw this silk material I fell in love with the small printed flowers of various colours and knew from the beginning that it would make Floyd handmade necktie into one the most versatile to wear.

White and blue is a classic colour combination that are commonly worn together, which I call ‘Anchor Colours’. The white squares and blue ground colour will complement a white shirt and navy suit very well. However, when you blend these combinations with the likes of lilac, orange, teal and royal blue, you simply have a beautiful versatile necktie! Which adds character to one’s attire as effortlessly as the birds sing.  
While this is all true, I decided to show how the ‘Gatsby’ approach would work equally well with pink.  So, who’s ready for this summer’s dinner party? 

Explore the New Arrivals.

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