A Yellow Affair - Styling The Wynton Tie

A Yellow Affair - Styling The Wynton Tie
Every now and again we all like to wear something other than the same navy or blue tie...surely? This change can be executed wonderfully with wearing the colour yellow. 
The meaning of yellow is commonly referred to happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, freshness, joy and intellect. Certainly a tie like that will put you in the right mood!
The Wynton tie in particular has blue floral patterns, which will make it easier to wear with your current wardrobe and so you will never be too far away from your favourite colour (blue of course)! 
The affect of wearing a contrast colour is fetching because most people prefer not to stand out or are unsure how to use different colours to their advantage. The difficulty we find with bold coloured ties is that they somehow do not ‘fit in’ with our conventional wardrobe. And guess what?
Bold colours were never suppose to blend or ‘fit in’! It adds value to our aesthetic, creating the statement of confidence. 
The most simplest way to apply such boldness is by knotting this tie with a white shirt. This creates a refreshing classic look.
Another easy way to wear the Wynton tie is by pairing it with a blue shirt that will tonally complement your navy suit, which has a distinct and elegant panache.
The Wynton tie worn with a blue shirt
We could go further and introduce a stripe shirt that will give you a more confident natty appearance...
Wearing The Wynton Tie With A Stripe Shirt
It's important to note, that the colour of the stripes relates to the blue floral pattern, which is the reason why it works very well.
If you have any questions or comments please leave them below! Love hearing your thoughts.
For more information on the Wynton tie click here.
- S. Gordon

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