(January 28, 2015)

On 16th December 2014 I showcased my new collection “Behind Every Tie Is A Great Man”. I wanted to create a space where everyone could physically step into the theme and experience the mood based on my personal experience, triggered by the selection of fabrics I chose to make ranges of ties. I am still fascinated with the idea of how our five senses can connect with every day objects, which bring back memories of the past. This is what makes every tie unique because each one has a story to tell. It also makes each person unique too because we all come from different backgrounds, which affect the way we think about different subjects. Hence the reason I selected four different models to demonstrate each person’s character and how that would contribute in the way they wore their ties. Along with a short story of the memory each fabric inspired me to make a tie. I will be posting more about each tie in the weeks to come.

Guest enjoyed the smooth blend of Jura Whiskey on the evening.

Introducing the new packaging boxes , which are rectangular as oppose the cubes previously used.

Ladies and Gentlemen were treated to extraordinary shoe shine service by Steve at Shoe Shine UK

 Shaun Gordon new collection presents Oscar, Taylor, Miles and Alastair ties (Left to right).

Our guests for the evening enjoying light hearted conversations.

I would like to specially thank the following brands and people for helping me make this a night to remember: Pall Mall Barbers for complimentary gift certificates, Jura Whiskey, Shoe Shine UK, Bart Pajak, Gavin Medford, Daniel Kennedy, Byron Kendall, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Stephen Kelly, Nikki Milovanovic, Dean Gomilsek-Cole  and last but not least Carleen Gordon.

Photo Credits: New Amsterdam Photography. 

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