This interview is a little #throwback (June 28, 2014) to when I was featured in, which unfortunately cannot be found anymore. However I thought the photography was beautiful and the interview will shed a little light about my thoughts on, mens style, fashion, my inspirations and of course my passion for making ties.


Why did you decide on concentrate on ties as opposed to other accessories for men?

It started off looking for a particular tie and not being able to find it. In my frustration I decided to make my own and brought a few vintage ties to deconstruct and discover how a tie was actually made. I became obsessed as it were, as making a tie was a difficult but I kept at it until I got it right.

I’ve always believed that a tie plays a focal point in a gentlemen’s outfit. A tie has the power to dramatically change your overall look and also gives the opportunity to explore colour, pattern and texture. Personally this was the reason I decided to focus on ties with the aim to enhance the distinguished gentleman wardrobe.

Tell us about your background in working with fashion

I acquired the skills of design development, pattern-cutting and tailoring  at London College of Fashion where I studied Menswear Fashion Design and Technology and graduated in 2004. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Brands such as Henri Lloyd and Timberland as mens multi-products designer. Whilst working with these brands I’ve always been fascinated with the sartorial element of menswear and even though I did not design this type of style, it started to reflect in my dress sense. I have recently started working with Turnbull and Ausser, where I am excited about designing with tailoring and timeless style in mind.  

What sets your range apart from other ties available today?

The ties are handmade by myself in London and I visit various of places in UK and abroad sourcing unique fabrics that are not made anymore, which make them exclusive and limited. Therefore the chances of you bumping into some else wearing the same tie will be slim. On the current collection I have (available on I used a thicker interlining than usual to help create a fuller knot when applying the four in hand knot. This also adds to the hand-feel value. Taking the whole tie into consideration I have used bold colours or patterns for the lining to create a unique tie piece in its own right.

 How would you describe your personal style?

I’ve been told that I have a early Jazz era sense of style, which I agree with to some degree. I am inspired by the 1920s-1950s gentlemen style.

Where does your inspiration come from? Is there particular people, periods of history that you have been drawn to?

My first and foremost inspiration is the way I feel when I put on clothes because it has such a positive impact on my mind, which is good because I like to start the day  how I would like it to end. Particular people who leaves lasting impression on me in terms of style are The Duke of Windsor, Prince Charles, Prince Micheal of Kent, Winston Churchill, David Niven, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Gary Cooper, Dr Andre Churchwell, Micheal Attree, Gustav Temple, Thomas Hardy (hence the moustache)… There’s so many I have probably missed off but to get a better idea of what or who inspires me, can be found on my ongoing mood board

Editor: Thajinder Hayer | Photography: Bart Pajak 

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