October 5, 2016 (Original post date).


As we have clearly come to the end of summer and the weather has got cooler, it’s time to get the tweeds waistcoats and jackets back out! Here’s are some ideas of how you can refresh your look.


A good way of refreshing your tweed look is to use similar colours and tones, which has pattern with a slight difference. This could be subtle but very effective. The Taylor tie is 100% wool has a blue and deep red window pane pattern and this alone can make all the difference. Not to mention that this tie is made of 100% wool, which will compliment the informal (or country) aesthetic nicely.


If you’re looking for something a little bit more playful, the Franklin tie would be the perfect one to go for. As the deep brown colour adds a complimentary contrast, while the floral pattern gives a dash of panache to the entire look. Also noting, the subtle sheen from the silk tie, gives more visual interest to the wearer. (SOLD OUT)


As the tweed jacket frames our shirt and tie, this is perfect opportunity to make a stylish difference. Why not use the Gordon tartan tie? The lovely bold yellow window pane pattern will stands out against the tweed brown hues and create a tasteful distinguishing appearance without looking too eccentric.


The Harold tie is one of my favourites because he has a very subtle herringbone weave, and can only be seen in certain angles of the light. It has been said that, you should not match the same pattern but this rule can be overlooked because it is not the same colour and scale as the herringbone on the jacket. The burgundy colour gives such a understated contrast to the look,  which can give anyone that point of difference effortlessly. SOLD OUT.


The Montgomery paisley tie is for the bold and adventurous! The mixture of Pattern and bold colour is not only playful, but in fairness, the range of hues are complimentary because the copper orange acts as an accent to the malt Brown of the tweed jacket. 

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on ‘tweed style’ in general. Do you even wear tweed jackets at all?



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