July 29, 2015 (Original post date).

My first collection of ties came with a certificate, which allowed gentlemen to know that their tie were exclusive due to limited numbers of ties hand made. Therefore it would be very unlikely for you to see someone else wearing the same tie. I mean, could you imagine? Going to meet some one important, for an interview or date and five other men are wearing the same tie?

After speaking with a few friends, it became apparent that gentlemen who were buying my ties, might have ‘misplaced'the certificate and therefore, this led me to seek a way to remind gentlemen of the exclusivity of the ties. The inspiration came when I was scrolling through Portobello Market and stumbled upon a grey worsted wool double breasted suit, which very much reminded me of what Clark Gable would wear in his relaxed and elegant manner.

As with all things vintage, I always approach skeptically because my arms tends to be slightly longer than the average man, however, I was pleasantly surprised when the jacket fitted my shoulders and waist! Then I tried the trousers, which was slightly big on the waist but this could easily be fixed. I must say, I was smitten.

Woven label inside blazer

However, what interested me most was the internal label. It had the tailors name and handwritten name of client and date! Then I thought, well, I could apply this in a sense of adding the amount of ties made, which will always remind you of the uniqueness of the hand made tie. 

Vintage DB blazer brought in Portobello Market as worn by Shaun Gordon | Photo: Bart Pajak

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