FIVE REASONS YOU SHOULD WEAR A TIE.Long gone are the days when...


Long gone are the days when men prided themselves with a stiff collar and tie to compliment their attire. For certain professions during early & mid-20th Century, it was compulsory to wear a tie because it implied that you meant ‘business’ and you would not be caught dead without one. The work place nowadays has become much more casual in terms of dress code and atmosphere (or at least that’s what some companies are trying to portray in order to rid themselves of the cold corporate image).

 So you may be left asking yourself “Why should I wear a tie?” So, ladies and gentlemen, here are a few pointers to consider:

1) Perk yourself up

Research indicates that if you dress well it will make you feel better because you look good. There’s been many times where I’ve gotten out of bed after a good drink (or two) and as soon as I add the finishing touch of my tie, the posture changes and countenance is lifted. Why is this important? Put simply, when you feel confident and happy about yourself, it will reflect in your actions in a sense of how you portray yourself to others.

2) Make an impression on your boss

Yes, I know your work place doesn’t require wearing a tie but put it this way, you are good at your job and will look the part too. This in itself will help you get the attention you deserve because you will stand out from the crowd. This also shows that you are a self-confident individual. You could even start of with a knitted tie, which goes very well with the smart casual look.

3) Make her say yes on your first date…leaving a lasting impression

Ladies love men who dress well. I’m sure you’ve read the saying, “a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men” - and don’t forget the tie sir! It shows you’ve put effort into what you are wearing because you think she is important and not to mention how you treat her on the date goes hand in hand with your appearance.  (Please note: it’s not within the scope of this post to discuss dating tips. I’ll leave that to the online dating experts).

4) Have fun and change your overall look instantly.

Most of us are not in a scenario of wearing a strict uniform, well, nowhere near as strict as the early 20th century. We have the opportunity to use the tie to bring all the colours together to make a harmonious outfit, or even make a style statement with contrasting colours. 

5) If you are ready to push the boat out a little, consider wearing a bow tie

To kindly inform you, this neck piece is not another fashion fad but a timeless state of the art accessory, which when worn correctly will give you the intelligent and sophisticated appeal. A bow tie can prove a good alternative if you were ever concerned with your tie getting in the way during the day (or night). They come in an array of colours, shapes and patterns to select from, including diamond point, butterfly and batwing to name a few. Please note this does not include pre-tied bow ties as they look awful because it lacks aesthetic character of fullness and twist. In addition to this, a bow tie looks better with subtle imperfections. Tying a bowtie is relatively easy once you get the hang of it.

As seen in the book: Gentleman A Timeless Fashion by Bernhard Roetzel.

(Original posted: February 3, 2014 by Shaun Gordon)

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