What Inspires Shaun Gordon Ties

On a regular basis, I am asked what inspires me? I find this one of the most difficult questions to answer sometimes. The reasons for this is, I am inspired by different things at different times and this combined with my current mood can be pleasantly unpredictable. Yes, I am inspired by the 1930-40s elegant style and hence, the reasons why I always look to this era for inspiration. I also love old photographs because of the way the black-and-white images captured the mood or soul of a person if it's a portrait. I also adore images from the Golden Hollywood films because I love the way the glamour is portrayed - My kind of Wonderland if you like! 

So, when I begin making a tie, all of these influences are factored in. Even sublimely within a theme.  I believe that the tie is like the cherry on the cake. It is no secret that in menswear, details is everything and the tie itself, is all that is needed to bring your outfit onto another level.

Pictures paints a thousand words or at least can communicate my inspirations better. Let's take a quick look at my Tumblr account for example:

The elegance of clothes from Vintage illustrations, posters and Art by Kenton Nelson. These were the days when gentlemen wore hats. No matter the shape of their faces! See the guide on Tom Smarte website on which hat could be best for you.

The colour combination from an Illustration by Erté, which evokes aspirational style and thoughts of possibilities. Needless to say, that I am falling in love with purple again. If you like purple, see the Alfred tie.

Black & White Photography has a beauty of its own, which allows us to appreciate the arrays of tones, lights and shadows. I feel that sometimes it helps us to focus on the subject matter more because there are no distractions caused by colours.

Soigné... need I say more.

Paintings of Jazz artists are quite fascinating because it captures an intimate moment of the musician and instrument becoming one. Painting of Monk, Parker, Mingus, Haynes at The Open Door in Greenwich Village, Sept. 1953 by Tom Roderick.

Grooming: A sharp distinguished moustache goes very well with the elegant attire and supports the importance of detail.

The images above were only a small extract of what inspires me and if you would like to leisurely go through some more, then click here.

Comment below and let me know what inspires you?