The Dynamics Of Wearing A Tom Smarte Hat

On the first of January, I wrote about my new year's resolutions and one of them being "investing in three more hats". Well, I was browsing through Tom Smarte hats, which offered styles like Fedoras, Trilby's Homburgs, Porkpies, Baker boy caps and much more.

When I met with Allon Zloof, the Creative Director of Tom Smarte, I was immediately drawn to his attention for detail and sensitivity to the materials. 

What does one do when he finally sees a burgundy hat and shy away from it? (Pointing at myself right now!). I ended up choosing a beautiful melange grey mixed fur Fedora.

Normally, before I select anything, I think about what I already have in my wardrobe and ask myself the question, "Does this fit in"? However I broke my own Sartorial rule (oops) and went with what felt right in the spur of the moment!

As soon as I got home, I felt compelled to see how I would wear the hat in conjunction with my current wardrobe. Here are some ideas of what I came up with: 

 Grey Tone on Tone: What I like about tone on tone is that it allows you to use bolder colours, especially where your ties and pocket squares are concerned.

Daring Black: Wearing a black suit has a way of making any other colours stand out and I like the way it emphasises the hat's texture too.

Blue Hues: It seems like by stroke of magic of how the tones of blues harmonises with the grey hat, very interesting!

Prince Of Wales Check Experiment: The eccentric mixture of different patterns are certainly held together with the solid grey tone of the hat.

Feel free to comment/questions and share your ideas below.

Until next time, have a good day!


Special Thanks to Allon Zloof, Creative  at Tom Smarte for kindly allowing me to write about my excitement for getting closer to my New Year's Resolution goals.

Photo Credit:

Hat: Tom Smarte 363 Fedora Hat

Grey Tone on Tone: Suit, Pocket Square, Lapel pin: Vintage.  Tie: Shaun Gordon Leonard Tie

Daring Black: Bespoke Suit: Steve Bell. Pocket Square: Mark Powell.Lapel pin: Frances Wadsworth-Jones. Ties: Shaun Gordon Ernest Tie

Blue Hues: Suit: Turnbull and Asser. Lapel pin and Pocket square: Vintage. Tie: Shaun Gordon Montague Tie.

Prince Of Wales Check Experiment: Suit: Vintage. Pocket Square: Liberty's. Aldringham Lapel Pin: Alice Made This. Tie: Shaun Gordon Taylor Tie.