My 2016 New Year Resolutions!

Firstly Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!

At this time of year some of us make new years resolutions. So I thought it would be fun to focus on sartorial matters and see where I would like to challenge myself for this year. 

These are my following new years resolution for 2016:

Invest more in grey flannel suit

because grey is a versatile colour ranging from light to charcoal grey and let's face it we are getting older. Some of us will start to grow salt-and-pepper to silver hair and I know that I have a long way to go but it doesn't hurt enjoying the preparation period. With the grey suits you can experiment with much more bold colours in your shirts ties pocket squares and even the socks.




Wear more yellow ties,

just as a means of a personal challenge to go beyond my comfort zone,  I generally wear blues, burgundy and green ties. The journey can be seen on my Instagram page. 


You may have seen the picture of the Duke of Windsor in his grey flannel suit (above) and wearing brown suede shoes. What do you think of this combination? Although inspired, my only reservation about buying these suede shoes is I have an issue with looking after them, as you know in the UK it rains a lot (although 2015 wasn't too bad!) and the last thing I want is to ruin these shoes.






Buying the Turnbull & Asser mother of pearl button design cufflink.

 I've been looking at these for awhile and I am definitely sure within myself that it is the right choice and will be worth the investment because it will go with almost most of my attire in terms of colour & pattern.






Having at least one bespoke suit made. 

As you may know, I love suits. When a gentleman finds the right suit and it fits well it complements his stature and hence the saying: "What lingerie is to a man, a suit is for a women".  I've not decided on which cloth, colour or jacket / trouser style - and I've not even decided on which Tailor to visit. However I'll keep you posted.



Invest in three more hats, Ferdora Style (preferably).

It is no secret that I wear hats. My philosophy is that I do not have a hairstyle, so my hat compensate for this. Therefore I think it's only right that I have a new hat (or hats). Think of it as a new hair cut... In terms of colours I am thinking another navy, possibly burgundy, forest green and maybe another tan panama hat.





Hunting for that perfect wrist-watch. 

Of lately I have not been wearing a wrist watch, due to I quote, watch merchant: 'the watch is unrepairable'. This has become very very annoying to me because I end up checking my left hand and alas there is nothing to be seen, so I started using my iPhone to check the time, in which I do not entirely agree with, especially when you are with guests dining. My watch taste leans towards vintage, I do not like the modern watches these days because they tend to be very big and over excessive in design. Since I have a small wrist, I know that these will not suit me.  The hunt continues! 

Wear more bold colours socks.

I tend to wear socks which are tonal and allow the texture to do the work. The reason why most times I avoid wearing bold colour socks because it appears contrived. But can look quite good, if it is done correctly. For an example, selecting socks where the colour  harmonises with one other item of your attire such as your tie or pocket square. Sometimes the design of socks makes me run a mile but then,  this is hugely a matter of personal taste (you will not catch me wearing a Mickey Mouse sock any time soon!). I tend to favour solid colours, argyle and mirco-dots. May the challenge begin!



Adding more linen trousers in my wardrobe.

 I know summer might seem like it is far away but I'm thinking about it now because generally in the time when you are buying trousers, the fit tend to be too slim or they don't have the available colours needed to suit your personal wardrobe. So I'm actually considering have them bespoke made in the following colours: navy, deep green, off-white, cobalt blue and maybe brown. This equally applies to corduroy trousers for next winter. I never used to be a fan of these, but it has slowly won my heart over.  I like the various different colours and most importantly the vertical texture, which elongates the length of your legs. 

Speaking of Cologne,

I would like to find a few more masculine scent to add to my selection, my current favourites are Penhaligon - Bayolea and G. F Trumper - Wellington. Recomendations are always welcomed.    








What are your New Year Resolution and why? Feel free to comment and add anything you may feel I have missed.

Photo credits: Duke of Windsor & Sean Connery fitted by his Tailor Anthony Sinclair  - | Linen Trousers - IG. adam_rogers_Penhagligon Bayolea | Lock & Co Hatters Navy Borsalino Hat | Turnbull and Asser Cufflink and socks  | Omega Watch - | Crockett and Jones Brown Suede Shoes  | Yellow Paisley Tie by Shaun Gordon