A Frame of Mind Collection

There's more to wearing a tie than just putting it on – it's a ritual. Selecting the right colour or pattern to match an outfit alone will not do, it has to be in harmony with your mood, your thoughts and your aspirations.

Looking your best will make you feel great, which then translates into the way you live your daily life. It improves your posture and helps you project confidence in every situation you face. The ties I create reflect my belief in the impact they can have on your personal style. That’s why I am Not Your Average Tie-Maker.

My new collection introduces ties that bring together vibrant, bold colours and patterns to create striking design pieces. Each tie is made from 100% silk and 100% wool interlining to ensure a fuller knot, better drape and fewer creases.

All ties are limited edition and handmade in Britain by Shaun Gordon – Not Your Average Tie-Maker.